Can there be any methods to Obvious the catalin.out logs file....? in a few times.

if Growing the logs file a lot more than 5GB than server is going to be instantly shutdown.

If you're on linux and you need to obvious the log now without restarting tomcat you'll be able to do:

cat /dev/null > /path/to/logfile

One possibility is by using log4j rather than the default logging supplied by tomcat. log4j supplies a RollingFileAppender, which could perform the above job.

Make reference to this tomcat link for particulars.

I would recommend to make use of cronolog - it essentially functions as a proxy. You are able to pipe the log output via it, and configure the configurations for cronolog the way you would like your log files to become rotated.

It has a benefit so you don't have to restart your Tomcat only for log cleanup/rotation.

I've developed .sh file to obvious catalina.out file which i will put at location where my project is used in tomcat.Now i'll execute that file from the java code at certain interval.

Following may be the command during my .sh file

echo "" > road to catalina.out file