I must configure this site to operate partially with Apache and partially with Tomcat. Allow me to explain. Once the user navigates onto my domain (allows call my domain as "abc").. so abc.com then I'd like Apache for everyone the index.html page. After that, if he clicks any static page then Apache should serve that page.

But when he clicks an engaged link like a page in which a member needs to go browsing, i quickly would Tomcat to consider over.

Deployment particulars:
My tomcat web application continues to be used as ROOT.war. In order to hit my webapp in tomcat by visiting abc.com:8080/memberlogon

During my httpd.conf I've got a line such as the below which at this time forwards everything to tomcat.

<Location />
  ProxyPass ajp://localhost:8009/

How do you forward only struts2 related Web addresses to tomcat? I personally use tiles and so i dont access any underlying jsp.

Please tell me basically can offer any extra information that will help

Well I am unsure how mod_proxy handles this, however it may be easily completed with mod_jk. My opportunity does not use mod proxy since it has some security issues that won't pass PCI compliance tests.

This can be done by setting switches inside your httpd.conf file based on what extension you need to have tomcat offer with mod_jk.

For instance, to possess tomcat handle jsp files you'd possess the declaration:

# send all requests ending in .jsp to worker1
JkMount /*.jsp worker1

And also to make certain apache is serving up all static or html files something similar to:

# do not send requests ending with .html to worker1
JkUnMount /*.html worker1

Listed here are couple of sites to obtain your began around the configuration options:

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How do I connect Apache to Tomcat using the mod_jk module?