Below it's some good info about my problem.

  1. Our Apache2.2 is on home windows 2008 server.
  2. Essentially the issue is user does not upload file that is larger than 100k to the server.
  3. The mistake in Apache log is: An association attempt unsuccessful since the connected party didn't correctly respond after some time, or established connection unsuccessful because connected host has unsuccessful to reply. : Error reading through request entity data, referer: ......
  4. There have been a couple of occasions (not necessarily) I possibly could upload bigger files(100k-800k, unsuccessful for 20m) in Chrome. In FF4 it always fails for uploading file over 100k. In IE8 it is comparable to FF4.
  5. It appears it does not get request from client, i quickly totally reset TimeOut in Apache setting to default value(300) which didn't help whatsoever.

I don't possess the RequestLimitBody option setup and i'm not using PHP. Anybody saw the same error before? Now I don't know things i can try next. Any advise could be appreciated!

Edit: I simply attempted to make use of remote desk to upload files around the server also it labored fine. First thought involved the firewall which however is off constantly, Http Proxy is used though.