My program is situated at

Our website owner provides a subdomain: for me personally. This subdomain will redirect to The redirect configuration was completed in the httpd.conf. Every time a user visit he'll be rerouted to

I'd rather not confuse customers. I would like customers to remain using the subdomain. For instance, they are doing sign in with instead of http:// What must i do?

We use Unix, Apache and Tomcat5.

In httpd.conf, you can, rather than the present redirection define the right DocumentRoot for that VirtualHost akin to The DocumentRoot ought to be wherever myprogram is situated around the disk

Request your internet master to setup on server1 (and never like a redirect) after which if he/she will setup a ProxyPass along with a ProxyPassReverse on server1 to server2. This really is typical for web servers which are before application servers.

There exists a similar setup and ProxyPass can be useful for us with programs resideing on other servers.