Does anybody are conscious of any links to realistic performance evaluations of IIS versus. Apache for PHP hosting?

I'm searching to use existing infrastructure for something new of technologies from .Internet to some PHP application however i cannot find any details about PHP located on different platforms. There's heaps available about IIS versus. Apache generally, or ASP.Internet versus PHP .. or other language server versus server, language versus language but no server/language versus server/language.

My current direction is by using PHP with FastCGI.. looks very good. Simply need to justify it or look for a compelling reason to reject the large affectionate MS monster that I am accustomed to.


Home windows atmosphere could be Win2k3 running IIS6 with FastCGI serving the PHP extension. Also likely to use eAccelerator or similar script cache.

PHP Guidelines article -- Variations between PHP on WIMP and PHP on Light

A few of the variations you might encounter when developing with PHP on Win/IIS versus Linux / Apache.

Probably the most apparent distinction between WIMP and Light is certainly performance.
For a long time there's been an apparent performance benefit of Light over WIMP.
Only lately is the a possibility of closing that gap.
You will find presently 2 projects going ahead that might help.

Presently available is IIS7 that is reported to possess had PHP performance improvements built-in with collaboration in the ZEND team.

An approaching projects involves Microsoft engineers dealing with PHP engineers to find the next version of PHP (PHP5.3 that is not offered at this time around) to do far better in IIS. This can without doubt have progress toward WIMP making up ground with Light in performance.

FastCGI on IIS will considerably boost the performance and will also be similar to those of Light. The main difference come in particulars, that are tough to pick and is dependent on which your configuration is as well as on that which you scripts do. For instance, file access on Home windows is a lot slow than you are on Linux due to NTFS's ACL inspections.

There's nothing particularly wrong using the Home windows web stack. The only real large reason I'd think about using Home windows over Linux when human experience does not matter could be SQL Server. Otherwise WAMP, WIMP and Light perform equally and gratifaction variations will not appear until heavy load.

Apache on Linux reaches least 4x faster... things are better generally.

BTW Apache is opensource, that's a reasonable reason to make use of and support it. While MS works best for money and monopoly. After they have adequate share of the market, you will be pressure to purchase MS items.