I'm using apache as my front http server which handles demands for JBoss 4.2.2 running being an application server.I've got a J2EE application running on JBoss handles mutliple sites demands.

My IP is registered to abc.com

a request to community1.xyz.com loads site for community1
a request to community2.xyz.com loads site for community2

I've single virtual host set up which learns default (all demands) in ssl.conf

I want two different SSL certificates for use for community1 and community2 Just how can configure 2 Virtual Hosts to regarding the dns title to do this.

The main reason I have to different SSL rather than 1 designated to *.abc.com is perfect for the truth that community2.xyz.com has been rerouted from another server mmm.com to my Apache server.

If you wish to use two different certificates for the similar Ip, you are going to need to make use of the Server Title Indication (SNI) extension, that is quite recent (and is probably not based on all browsers, however it appears to utilize recent ones).

You will find more particulars concerning the configuration from the Apache Httpd front-finish about this Apache wiki page:


While you should use Server Title Indication (SNI), I would suggest simply getting another Ip since it is not fully supported (individuals with older browsers wouldn't have the ability to see your site).