I am managing a VPS @ slicehost with Linux 9.10. I have got a fundamental Light setup to date. I'm hosting a couple of sites and adding one half dozen more, and I would like the majority of these to have word press blogs available.

I attempted setting up wordpress into each directory following a normal instructions convinced that apache virtual hosts, because it finds each domain, would by extension follow each domain's /blog/ directory(I have attempted departing it the default of /wordpress/ without any results either). WordPress also installed and labored fine after i arrange it within the var/www directory where I initially arrange it before recognizing it might only host one site per installation.

I want wordpress to reply and among many blogs that is matched up towards the domain it serves via virtual hosts from the same Light setup.

If this sounds like an issue of layout, and there's an easy method to host multiple, completely separate wordpress blogs on one server light setup with virtual hosts, I am available to that a lot.

Thanks ahead of time for just about any assistance.

I'm going to be keeping track of this to have the ability to answer any queries.

Oh, Also, I have made separate mysql Db's &lifier usernames for every blog to make use of to ensure that they're compartmentalized.

Simply setup different VirtualHost sites and set a wordpress installation in every.

Illustration of your virtualhosts

     ServerAdmin admin@site1.com
     ServerName site1.com
     ServerAlias www.site1.com
     DocumentRoot /srv/www/site1.com/public_html/
     ServerAdmin admin@site2.com
     ServerName site2.com
     ServerAlias www.site2.com
     DocumentRoot /srv/www/site2.com/public_html/
     ServerAdmin admin@site3.com
     ServerName site3.com
     ServerAlias www.site3.com
     DocumentRoot /srv/www/site3.com/public_html/

In each one of the particular public_html sites include a wordpress installation.

So for site1.com the wordpress may be put into /srv/www/site1.com/public_html/wordpress

For site2.com /srv/www/site2.com/public_html/wordpress

This can completely have them seperate.

Just answer. I am unsure, however i think this is exactly what i have completed with another directory also it is not locating the Wordpress directory, despite the fact that apache finds the index.html for every site within the exampleX.com sites. To be obvious, It loads example1.com/index.html, although not example1.com/wordpress/ despite the fact that /wordpress/ is incorporated in the same directory because the index.html(each index.html is labeled internally to make certain i am not pointing towards the wrong one in some way).

I am serving from home/public_html/example1.com, home/public_html/example2.com, etc.

The virtual hosts file in sites-enabled indicates /home/user/public_html/ as document root.

may be the /srv/ directory the key part in some way? I figured I possibly could set the pointers to basically anywhere was convenient?

Should i change another thing apart from 000-default within the sites-enabled directory to suggest?

--- when i began searching only at that and considering it, I went and checked over my virtual hosts file. It works out I authored the document root completely to /public, that is in the same level as /blog/ And So I backed up to example1.com having a sending href in index.html for example1.com pointed to example1.com/blog/index.html(which indicates index.php for wordpress) which raises the famous 5 minute installation. This is effective because this site is just a blog. I'll just toward each exampleX.com/public/ from a catalog.html code in every exampleX.com for that relaxation and everything ought to be working fine.

Thanks greatly for the help.