I am looking to get an Apache server running on my small Cygwin setup to follow along with the Java Ranch Cattle Drive lessons online (essentially, to understand Java EE web site development that utilizes a MySQL back finish.)

I made use of the Cygwin Setup program to set up httpd (that is the way i installed other dev tools I personally use on cygwin) also it states install complete, yet after i run 'httpd' it can't discover the command. Additionally, it seems the expected install directory (/usr/local/apache...) does not exist.

Does anybody have experience by using this setup, and when so, you can walk me with the initial steps of having the server ready to go and becoming a browser to show the server's default page?

To help keep solutions focused, I did not wish to discus the disadvantages of running Apache on the Home windows system - case for learning reasons. Thanks ahead of time.

Searching in the Cygwin Package Listing for httpd, you can observe the executable is installed under /usr/sbin.

So, if /usr/sbin is this is not on the journey (it is not on mine, not automatically anyhow), you'd really run:


And btw, if you'd like to list out the files installed for any certain package, you should use cygcheck:

cygcheck -l httpd

Some good info about running Apache on Cygwin:




Personally, I would suggest setting up WAMPServer or any other WAMP stack and get it done this way. There's no difference, with the exception that you will need to control Apache through Home windows instructions [internet start, internet stop], not Cygwin's ones.