I've got a WebDAV setup on my small Linux server (Mediatemple dv 4) running through Apache (mod_dav). The webdav is working fine customers can access upload, remove and download files fine. However what I wish to do is just allow specific customers to remove or upload files.

Generate an income have attempted this really is using fundamental apache authentication as below:

<Directory /var/host/myserver/httpdocs/testdav >
Dav On
Allow from all
AuthType Basic
Require user example

(customers are setup in Plesk 10 panel)

The concept here's that customers are refused use of remove or upload aside from the consumer example.

This kind of works inside a client for example CyberDuck. Installing files works and seeking to upload/remove files returns a login unsuccessful message. I'd have expected this to express permission refused or something like that similar.

However am attempting to make use of this in PDF Expert around the iPad. Again a person can access and download the files by Synchronising the applying towards the WebDAV. If however they remove personal files or create new files in PDF Expert and check out and synchronise rather than just installing the erased files the synchronise fails.

I've produced a forex account with cloudsafe that provides WebDAV and may allow a person read only use of a folder and that i have examined this within the application and works not surprisingly (user removes local file, when synchronising the file is downloaded again), and so i know you could do.

What I have to know is that if this setup can be done in Apache and just how?

Any assistance is much appreciated!