I made a picture of 1 of my private Amazon . com EC2 image that runs one website, then began setting up redmine. In the end cellular phone is performed, it's going to restart Apache I experienced the next problem(sorry you may have to focus to determine the screenshot): enter image description here

My knowledge of that which was happening is the fact that apache2 isn't running but it's hearing port 80. I Quickly attempted: enter image description here which provides exactly the same confusing but consistent conclusion, apache2 isn't running, but I am certain it's process 18304 that is apache2 hearing port 80. Eventually, I needed to get rid of the process and restart apache which labored. Could someone show me what may have triggered this along with a fix?


Following synthesizerpatel suggestion to make use of lsof. enter image description here This really is exactly the same trouble with different process as before.