for many days now I've been attempting to make an easy mod_rewrite rule to produce friendly Web addresses, my hosting company have mod_rewrite enabled however i cannot get results.

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No solutions labored, so I am thinking now using simple php routing rather and that i desired to determine if there's a large performance or Search engine optimization distinction between the 2. And when there's, maybe you are aware how to repair the mod_rewrite problems published during my questions.


If you are using PHP routing for PHP files only, it might be not a problem performance-smart: The interpreter can get began anyway, a brand new process began, memory allotted etc.

But when you are wanting to route demands for static assets like images and elegance sheets too, however, don't use PHP routing under any circumstance. It's far too resource-intensive and never what PHP was designed for.

I'd say mod_rewrite is the foremost, slimmer solution and it is really worth trying to decipher it.

I favor routing that takes over once the asked for file does not exist, such as this in Lighttpd:

server.error-handler-404 = "/index.php"

Provided you discover how to get this done in Apache, your script could be more mix webserver compatible, since Apache's mod_rewrite conditions inshtaccess will not focus on Lighttpd.