Question if anybody might help here. On my small website, I've got a video around the top of the page, that has been setup using the HTML 5 video tag. The recording works properly using the standard selection of browsers - BUT

My iPad and apple iphone show the recording having a slash with the play button.

O.K. - I figured, I have to have screwed in the encoding from the MP4 file, and so i re-encoded it several occasions, however it still will not play.

It began focusing on my apple iphone - however i observed my Wi-fi compatability connection had dropped also it was playing it via a 3rd generation connection. I decided to cracked it - however when I connect via Wi-fi compatability it does't play.

Simply to check I acquired a couple of buddies with iPads/apple iphones to check on, so when connected over 3rd generation with an apple iphone the recording works. (I'm not sure anybody with iPad with 3rd generation). With apple iphone or iPad over Wi-fi compatability it does not.

I am thinking it might be a server configuration problem (apache) but I am battling here.

The recording is embedded using the HTML5 video tag as below:

<div align="center">
   <video width="688px" height="384px" autoplay="autoplay" loop="loop" controls="controls"poster="media/video/lvposter.jpg">
       <source src="media/video/livingdisplayvideo.mp4" type="video/mp4" />
       <source src="media/video/livingdisplayvideo.webm" type="video/webm" />
       <source src="media/video/livingdisplayvideo.ogv" type="video/ogv" />

It's inside a joomla site inside a module position, consider it really works over 3rd generation, I do not believe that this really is leading to the problem. The website is

Can anybody save my sanity, when i really do not know how to start searching to solve this ?

I have a similar problem here, no solution right now. But this is a clue, my friend think it is might be a burglar problem. Once the wi-fi compatability is available to public, the recording will not play.However, When wi-fi compatability is transformed to WPA/WPA2 with password, it plays.

I'd an identical problem where my apple iphone all of a sudden stopped playing video on my small router's wi-fi compatability, but labored after i attached to my neighbor's open wi-fi compatability. Other internet activity ongoing to operate. Then all internet traffic unsuccessful, however i could still access other machines on my small local network.

I attempted the next:

  1. Setup Fiddler for a proxy on another machine on my small network. Webpages would load, but demands for video clips never turned up in Fiddler. The router received them and declined to forward these to the Fiddler machine. Which means this did not solve the issue
  2. Removed and recreated my wi-fi compatability (no difference)
  3. Totally reset all configurations on my small apple iphone, while using configurations sections. (no difference)
  4. Totally reset my router (no difference)
  5. Carried out a factory totally reset on my small router (no difference)
  6. Used another router (solved the problem)
  7. Upgraded to IOS5 and carried out a factory totally reset on my small ipod device (it labored using the first router)

I never did discover the cause, but hopefully points six or seven can be used as others which have this issue.