I observed that occasionally my application aren't able to find my database sqlite file any longer. It copies a replacement and i'm playing a clear database. I additionally observed it sometimes switches to some previous database file, and that i all of a sudden see data i completed another time.

I believe and hope it has something related to the apple iphone Simulator and never with my application?

Anybody experienced similar issues?

Thanks, Bjorn

Yes I've also experienced similar issues, this really is only at the apple iphone simulator. As I have not had this issue in the device, yet it appears to occur once in awhile within the simulator.

Ultimately that for whatever reason the whenever you re-install the applying around the simulator it sometimes can create a brand new folder (rather than while using formerly produced one), and for that reason it'll produce a new database. Another database remains within the formerly produced folder, it is only not pointing into it any longer. However why this occurs continues to be a mysterious in my experience.

These folders are situated at /customers/yourname/Library/Application Support/apple iphone Simulator/Customers/Programs. You will see that you will find a number of folders named something similar to 64631A5F-8914-4449-9453-A773C790B1DB among this folders matches the applying you're running at this time, you will see that you will find 2 folders that are true same application, only one consists of the prior sqlite Database (within the documents Directory) and also the other has got the recently produced sqlite Database.

Hope that's obvious.