I've got a query regarding What goes on to previous data when application is upgraded to latest version .

I've got a current application getting a nearby database. The consumer can customize the database.

If I upgrade the applying to next version with a few new functionality what's going to happen? Does it completely replace the database or I'm able to still utilize it. And when the database remains then just how can new functionality utilize it as earlier i.e. Presuming that it's still within the assets?

Help in connection with this. Thanks ahead of time.


I attempted and located that people may use the sooner database.

Yet another question.

How you can inform the consumer that the upgrade can be obtained for that application? Should i use push notification or perhaps is there every other method?

Application information is handled by Bundle identifier, as application update can also be on same Bundle identifier,

When user updates application, it instantly associated with same Bundle identifier, so data is going to be just like old version

But when u remove(un-install) application it will remove all relevant data from apple iphone, then setting up new upgraded application won't get old data

The information in ~/Documents and ~/Library/Preferences is going to be stored. Individuals in ~/Library – I am unsure, however i think they'll be stored too. Individuals inside your .app folder is going to be completely changed, however the user can't change what's inside your .app folder anyway.