I hear that now we are able to do wildcard subdomains on the internet application engine (I've not attempted it myself, however i believe which has been a brand new feature added), but could you will find there's domain indicate it?


new.example.com (works?)

newexample.com -> new.example.com (all of this? where newexample.com is serving as new.example.com)

The way in which I picture newexample.com, this could act as

newexample.com/blog within the url, but application engine would support it as being new.example.com/blog

I suppose I'm attempting to stress that i'm NOT searching for domain fowarding where newexample.com just forwards customers to new.example.com


UPDATE: To clarify, I wasn't meaning naked domain, but a url such as this

world wide web.newexample.com/blog can function as new.example.com/blog or possibly much more clearly, new.example.appspot.com/blog

Yes you just need to make use of an asterix *.example.com when establishing your custom domain in the search engines applications.

For everyone your application on all subdomains inside a given greater-level subdomain, you should use wildcard subdomain mapping: enter an asterisk instead of the cheapest-level title. For instance, entering * may cause your application to become offered on all subdomains in your registered domain.

See Custom domain names

*.yourappid.appspot.com domain names work automatically.

You can add your application to as numerous different Google Applications accounts (so may use multiple domain names), but you can't use domain alias' within Google Applications, as just the primary domain from the google applications account can be used.

Programs which use Google Application Engine aren't readily available for customers at non-primary domain names.

See Restrictions for multiple domain names

If now you ask ,: Can the "naked" domain for example newexample.com (i.e. without anything for example world wide web. before it) be offered by Google Application Engine?

Then the reply is no - begin to see the FAQ

Wildcard subdomains allow you to have subdomain the a person makes its way into (e.g. myphotos.example.com, yourphotos.example.com, etc...) be offered by Google Application Engine without needing to set each one of these up individually. Even though it does need a DNS provider that supports wildcards.