I've got a conceptual design question. I am building a credit card applicatoinOrsystem which will contain a server, possibly running Apache Tomcat w/ a MySQL database, and many client programs (for example native apple iphone applications, android applications, rim applications). Communication between your client programs and also the server is going to be handled via Cleaning soap, or XML-RPC (also attempting to figure this out).

The suggestions above I am reasonably confident with, however the last a part of my plan's to produce web/browser based client interface towards the platform. Which is where I encounter my question, must i install Apache Web Server on my small same physical server and make a PHP application that creates RPC's around the Application Server (Tomcat, running on same physical machine)? Does this kind of design pattern seem sensible? Or must i stick to one sort of server software for those potential consumer programs, such as the web/browser based application? Thanks!

I believe the net server and application server needs to be separate. I'd result in the database outside of the application server too, basically could.

The main reason I love the net server to become separate is the fact that it's often among two fire walls. The application server lives within the second firewall within the "safe" network.