I have to setup a server which will accept some text from the application then return severalOrsignal towards the application. The amount should then have the ability to be employed to retrieve the written text which was initially delivered to the server.

App                                      Server
                Text. ->
                <- number


                Number ->
                <- text

I am not really sure how to begin with this particular, so my real question is, How must i build a storage shed? And just how must i get began? My understanding of the kind of server implementation is very limited.

This is the way I'd imagine it might work: Apache server? Php script to see text/ generate code to transmit back

Application would send/receive data using Publish?

Yes uses Publish.

You have to store text in database and produce a random number and store the dpi together with text in database in addition to send same number in reaction. These amounts can be used as getting particular text saved in database.

Tell me if this sounds like that which you were expecting. If you would like some code sample tell me.

So apparently, this really is a great deal more complicated which i had thought. So here's the 2nd pass only at that problem. While you mentioned your application will GET or POST information for your web server a string it should store and provide back a vital. To get this done, Personally i think the fastest way is by using a set file, where each lines are the index from the string.

    define('FILEDB', 'str.db');

    # Check if the file is there.
    if (!file_exists(FILEDB))
        die('No Such File.');

    $file = file(FILEDB);

    if (is_numeric($_POST['key']))
    {   # We want to get a string.

        # Check that file index is set.
        if (!isset($file[$_POST['key']]))
            die('File index not set.');

        # Output string & End.

    # Save new string to file database.
    file_put_contents(FILEDB, implode(PHP_EOL, $file) . PHP_EOL . $_POST['key']);

    # Output string & End.
    die(count($file) + 1);