I'm creating a application which permit customers to produce and remove spaces. Illustration of spaces: office, meeting room, shop, etc. A person sets an area as he is for the reason that location. Example if he's at office he'll set the area to office.

The spaces are saved inside a database. I've got a desltop widget, which widget must show the area that's set. Example must show office now.

I'd some difficulty obtaining the widget to exhibit these spaces. However , the widget only updates after 30 min so when you need to do change it out to update every second than you are confronted with battery issues.

I only want the widget to update whenever a space is placed.

Does anybody know how to approach this issue or has good quality advice. Or are conscious of worthwhile lessons which really work by doing this.

I'm a new comer to android and java.

If you wish to update a widget programatically, you should use the approach in this answer