and so i have attempted various plug ins to do this including

  • loginza looks nice but doesn't log me in only redirects me to my home page and it is in russian

  • janrain loog excellent and there is a simple-modal login wordpress plugin that appears brilliant too. however it very costly when i need this for multiple blogs.

  • open id i believe this turns you into a wide open id provider non the less i want a google button for my login

why i want this really is my customers possess a but google located which removes our use for many password. also appears like lots of most people are searching for a strategy to this. anyone got any ideas the way i could possibly get this

Janrain wordpress plugin is free of charge take a look link. And that he give all social within the demo (attempt to comment).


Other solution on code canyon.

After several tests, the very best wordpress plugin with this type of job is It covers not just Google but other services too (Facebook, Twitter,

Here you'll find some particulars on setting up it