If only to implement the next odometer (link below) anywhere on my small WordPress site.
I've determined the easiest method to do that is produce a WordPress wordpress plugin therefore it does not conflict along with other code, and that i can port it to the site.

Later on, If only to increase this wordpress plugin to permit the admins to have the ability to edit variables for that wordpress plugin with the WordPress after sales.

Things I did to date is:

  1. Organized my files into a structured folder
    • /odometer/images/
    • /odometer/css/
    • /odometer/js/
    • /odometer/jodometer.php
  2. Produced the wordpress plugin header for that primary file so WordPress
  3. Started writing the wordpress plugin function
  4. Added fundamental shortcode to implement the wordpress plugin

What I have to determine is:

  1. Incorporate jQuery scripts / CSS style sheet / images / etc.
  2. Make certain my jQuery doesn't conflict along with other scripts.

This is actually the code I've to date to implement this wordpress plugin.

Plugin Name: jOdometer
Plugin URI: http://foobar.com
Description: Simple rolling odometer
Version: 0.1
Author: Foobar
Author URI: http://foobar.com
License: GPL

//to block direct access
if ( ! defined( 'ABSPATH' ) )
    die( "Can't load this file directly" );

//global variable for this plugin
$pathinfo   = pathinfo(__FILE__);

function jOdometer() {      
    <div class="counter1"></div> <br />
    <div class="counter2"></div> <br />
    <div class="counter3"></div> <br />
add_shortcode('odometer', 'jOdometer');