UPDATE: You will find stupid questions, which is one. I did not understand that serving JavaScript via Django am large an issue. When I have clarified it, I'll publish probably the most helpful assets for individuals who wish to RTFM, unless of course the mods close this primary. For now, sorry for costing you time.

How do you install and configure Small MCE, Apache2 and Django so Small MCE can be obtained like a local application only? I believe what I wish to do is setup Apache therefore it serves just the local computer, and achieves this with Django use a Small MCE editor. Apache2 and Django happen to be installed but I'm not sure how you can integrate Small MCE to do this result.

I am a newbie to web design and frameworks, and so i may be missing an apparent fix for your problem.

(Why shall we be held carrying this out?

  • I would like a WYSIWYG HTML editor which will allow me to edit a document's formatting and find out how that affects the HTML, and edit the HTML and find out the way it affects the formatting, while utilizing a CSS stylesheet.

  • I may wish to serve this functionality to the net on the SSL connection try not to yet wish to set that up at this time.

  • The net application goes through Django, so I wish to get things dealing with that framework.

  • Let me visit a JavaScript application for action.)

Interesting persistence.

UPDATE: Is better phrased as:

  1. How do you serve a javascript application through Django?
  2. How do you make that service available simply to the neighborhood computer?

Question #2 appears to possess been clarified.

Bind Apache towards the 127...1 interface only. The documentation are available at http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.0/bind.html

What you serve is irrelvent so far as this is worried, as you are just attempting to control where you serve it too.

In reaction to q.1 - you do not, normally. Django doesn't serve static media like JS files, images, etc. With that said, there's a tinymce application for django which helps reduce the integration. http://code.google.com/p/django-tinymce/ can be useful for me.