I am searching for here is how to age data inside a db, generally associated with Oracle and Sql Server, but any database could be good. Any good examples or books that contains good examples of methods the very best techniques could be awesome.


This whitepaper: Strategies for Partitioning Relational Data Warehouses in Microsoft SQL Server includes a chapter on Data Aging having a sliding window implementation.

In Oracle, partitioning is an extremely helpful for applying Information Existence-cycle Management, this allows you to definitely manage data partition smart and store recent, most utilized data on faster storage and older data, the majority of the occasions less frequently utilized on cheaper storage. If this sounds like what you're attempting to do, have a look at partitioning. In 11g: interval partitioning, removes needing to pre configure partitions partitions are actually produced on when needed basis and reference partitioning. This is a performance booster since it is now simpler to complete partition smart joins using PQ. Additionally, it saves space since the redundant key details are now within the partition definition.