I've got a simple table in MySql whose raison-d'ĂȘtre would be to store logs. The table comes with an autoincremented sequence and the rest of the posts has zero referential integrity with other tables. You will find no unique secrets or indexes on any posts. The column with autoincrement may be the primary key.

Will concurrent Card inserts ever hinder one another ? I define interference to mean losing data.

I'm using autocommit=true with this place.

You may never lose data simply because you need to do synchronised card inserts. If you are using transactions you may "lose" some IDs - but no actual data. (Suppose you begin a transaction, place a couple of rows after which perform a rollback. InnoDB may have allotted the car_increment IDs , but you will find no rows with individuals IDs since you did the rollback).

Since you do not need indexes, you need to take a look in the ARCHIVE table engine. It's amazingly insanely fast -- as well as your tables will get much more compact which helps make the table scans while you're reading the table later Considerably faster.

Yes. For InnoDB , more details here

In the MySQL manual for that MyISAM storage engine:

"MyISAM supports concurrent inserts..."