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I lately readed that comment about mvc and codeigniter:

If you're moving to CI since your raw PHP Application is slow, then you definitely will finish track of more frustration.

there's not a way how any framework works faster than raw PHP scripts.

don't pay attention to tech marketing people whatsoever.

Rather Concentrate on the bottlenecks and evaluate why is your application slow and take care of individuals issues individually.

If you're running off MySQL Databases, an excellent start is always to check and proper indexing within the tables, after which also employ something similar to memcache to cache your frequent database queries.

Any framework regardless of made by whom and however elegant, could be ever faster than PHP. PERIOD.

These frameworks are mainly accustomed to make development cycle faster and and to handle parallel development simpler having a large team of designers. otherwise MVC approach is a bit of garbage of getting to complete exactly the same factor at 3 places for probably the most easy and mundane task(unless of course otherwise there's a really valid reasoning for something to perform better). The only real place where MVC can shine happens when dealing with a lot of developers’ team who've varied abilities like Design, HTML , Coding and Databases.

If you're able to develop an application without MVC , then go for this, there's no problem or right when it comes to coding approach.

MVC just adds more layers of complexity and forces the designers(erring rather) some thing correctly.

once more, don't even think CI or any framework can make yur application work faster. and anybody who dis-concurs let's talk of.

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I'm wondering while using the shared or power grid hosting solutions on low quality projects can using raw php are actually excellent difference ? Or are mvc based frameworks more appropriate for effective devoted servers ?