I'm a new comer to website building and wish to produce a site that have following features:

  1. People should have the ability to publish new questions.
  2. Should have the ability to discuss the already provided questions (Supplying Answer is equivalent to supplying comments.)
  3. Should have the ability to classify various questions.

I'm planning to take Free side: Using PHP/APACHE/MYSQL/LINUX.

I don't know what everything i ought to read Like Content management systems (Drupal/Joomla etc.)

Can anybody assist me to?

You can't really answer all of your questions in a single answer.

If you are really a new comer to php, I doub't you need to join in a Content management systems.

I recomend you to definitely split-your questions directly into more compact ones and begin searching and coding.

  • People should ble in a position to publish
    • Selecting a database?
    • Adding records to some table?
    • Signing up customers?
  • Leaving comments
    • Again, contributing to database
    • Retreiving from database
    • Exhibiting results
  • Groups
    • Database architecture
    • Normalazing database
    • Again, adding and retreivieng from database

..and so forth.

This is ok if you are doing the work for practice, not legitimate existence product.

If you are searching for an excellent product, you need to get a content management systems.

OSQA is free stackoverflow.com clone, running on Django and Python

http://world wide web.osqa.internet/

(just replace one P inside your Light stack with another P :)

If you're just trying to possess a forum in PHP for question/answer, I suggest you have a look at phpBB. You may even have a look at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_Internet_forum_software_(PHP)

You will find several open-source packages you could utilize. Or you might go to http://area51.stackexchange.com/ and find out if the 566 sites in development would do what you would like.

Some open-source question-and-answer packages: