Are we able to isolate a subversion user while using mod_authz authentication such that they'll simply be authenticated to some single subversion repository? At this time we're hosting multiple databases via apache, and our access_file is global across all databases. What this means is as we make use of the *=r option, then all customers may have read access. We wish to introduce a person into that atmosphere so that they is only going to get access to just one repo, and they'll 't be incorporated in other repository access through the *=r option. Is this kind of configuration available?

Thanks, Suresh

You should use the NOT modifier on global scope from the authz file:



This reads:

for those databases, nobody has any permission, except he's not user named single_repo_user, than user has read permission for repository "single_repo" nobody has access except single_repo_user that has read access

So only single_user_repo doesn't have permission. everyone else has read permission.

You are able to obviously just remove the consumer title from the htpasswd file..

See more infos here: