I've got a database beside me composed of certain tables. I've written a question to fetch some fields from the table and saved individuals fetched values in certain variables. Now, I'm searching for a means that will let it assign values fetched from database towards the XSL variables. I'm trying to develop a HTML page using fetched values.

Does anybody knows concerning how to do it?

Thanks ahead of time for just about any type of help.

Regards, Vijay

Hi @Vijay,

XSLT (Extensible Stylesheet Language Changes) is definitely an XML stylesheet which basically implies that it's accustomed to fetch data from an XML file.

You will need to generate an XML file/string using the is a result of your database after which use XSLT to question the XML file.

Umbraco is definitely an open-source Content management systems system which does just that. On every content publish, it creates an XML file most abundant in up-to-date data after which XSLT can be used to create HTML pages from that data.

From a technical perspective, you can pull your database tables right into a DataSet and you can make an XML file from this which you'll run your XSLT against.

This post describes how you can just do that.

Possess a read there and return with any queries you might have.

The W3c soecifications for XSLT 1. and XSLT 2. don't provide functionality for carrying out RDBMS procedures.

Some processors have extensions to get this done.

For instance Saxon has got the following extension elements: sql:connect, sql:query, sql:insert, sql:column, sql:update, sql:delete, and sql:close