Basically develop a site using Wordpress, it is possible to straightforward method to restrict accessibility whole site to simply individuals who I specify?

I have looked a couple of plug ins that make an effort to redirect non listed customers towards the login page, but many appear old, fragile, or generally just hacks.

I wish to determine if a typical Wordpress installation allows you need to do this, or else if there is a decent and secure wordpress plugin to get it done. I want an answer that does not involve altering the default wordpress PHP scripts when i do not have direct accessibility server. The correct answer is essential that the answer is safe.

Any help or consider your experience could be appreciated.

EDIT: Apologies if this sounds like more appropriate to, wasn't aware this been around. Please move if required :-)

The brand new version of Wordpress, In my opinion v 3.1.2, has this method for pages and posts underneath the quick edit.

You are able to set your password per publish / page or mark them as private.