I have got familiar with Scala lately and located it beautiful. I'm willing to stop using PHP and employ Scala rather for those projects of mine. Now I Personally Use BlueHost for hosting my PHP-based sites. Are you able to recommend a great alternative which will support Scala?

While GAE does support Lift/Scala in someway, however i in my opinion, Stax.internet is really a better option for Lift/Scala.

It's includes a free but completely functional plan (including MySQL database), you can test out your Lift/Scala appliction there.

It's simpler than GAE, and Lift/Scala is formally support by stax.internet (you can observe that in this screenshot).

Deploy application to Stax.internet is extremely easy. Essentially, you could utilize Maven/SBT to create a WAR file, and merely upload the WAR file by stax command line script without create the applying in stax.internet panel, and everything just works fine.

Essentially you'll need a server/hosting which assists servlet containers (or even the whole JEE).

GAE (Google Application Engine) and Stax (Stax.internet) may be worth to research. It certainly is dependent over you're using. While Lift can operate on GAE, it cannot use such things as Threads and needs to apply certain workarounds which reduce scalability/performance. Stax appears to become a little better in connection with this.

Aside from Lift (that is Scala's well-known web framework (every language needs one, right? :-D) you have ample options (like Play) for the way much for you to do on your own and just how much experience you've.

I would suggest against GAE. It doesn't offer the full JDK spec (e.g., creating threads). This can be a severe constraint.

Stax.internet is an extremely sensible choice.

Also, you could utilize an Amazon . com EC2 micro instance.

I would suggest Webappcabaret Cloud (http://world wide web.webappcabaret.com). The service uses SBT to construct and deploy your Scala/Lift application and also the cost is reasonable.