I have been backwards and forwards with Network Solutions for days. All they've is definitely an file upload button to upload the application to, and that is it. Not a way to begin in the application, or SSH in to the server. After I did follow their directions clearly, and received a 403 Forbidden despite the fact that my files were 775, I e-mailed them, which were my reactions.

Waiting a couple of days, I acquired this response..

We apologize for that inconvenience. We now have checked your files around the server and that we have determined that there's no index file submitted on /htdocs/rails/testingApp/public directory. Please upload your index file within the /public directory.

..because RoR expires from the public directory now?

I described for them, kindly, that RoR applications don't resolve towards the public directory.

a couple of days later..

I am sorry for that confusion, the way in which our rails applications deploy, the /public/ folder would be the default directory that http://testingapp.yourwebsite.com/ resolves to. You may want to alter or redeploy in case your applicaton is placed to operate it's public root from another folder.

Whose dumb here? I can not tell. It is possible to method to resolve an RoR application towards the public folder?

Sounds like using Phusion Passenger for everyone Rails applications, that the DocumentRoot is definitely the Rails /public subdirectory. This can be a common hosting scenario for Rails applications.

You're right, really the middleware (Rack I believe?) that resides between your webserver and Rails takes choose to convert an HTTP request that arrives on yourname.com/ following a routes file towards the correct controller and paired view.

Which means that you will not not have a real file in public places which signifies the index of the page.. I do not get what they're asking about (given that they clearly condition they offer RoR hosting). Their request appears just incompetency.

The general public folder can be used to write static assets but simply for your to ensure that every demands that points to some static source under cause of the URL, eg yoursite.com/static_img.digital, is submitted towards the real file dwelling for the reason that directory, this isn't true for normal RoR sights.

I'm really pleased with webfaction, that provides comparable functionality, excellent rails (even rails 3) support, ssh access, and that i locate them really cheap.

I upvoted the Passenger Answer, however i think your real answer might lie in http://heroku.com/. potentially among the simplest deployments of rails I've ever done.

Can there be an .htaccess file? You could include a rewrite rule for index.html.