It is possible to standard practice to arrange the entire process of creating a simple website. there's no use applying MVC as there's no database involved. It will likely be very helpful in organizing the project and separating

  • the aspx files and master
  • page content(this is very helpful in applying simple content management systems techniques)
  • user controls
  • scripts
  • styles
  • images

can there be any industry standard or best practice with this.?

thanks ahead of time :)

Update: yes generate an income have listed works. but it is always good basically could separate server codes and files like master,aspx.. and also the actual page content.

One other reason because of not using MVC: It's my job to delegate the Search engine optimization process. Now an MVC application could be greek/latin for my Search engine optimization expert. :)

The ultimate structure:

  1. Images
  2. Scripts
  3. Styles
  4. Images
  5. Weblets
  6. Pagelets
  7. aspx files..

the pictures, styles and scripts will contain only individuals which are common for the entire project. The weblets and pagelets have been in the concept the following...
Weblets should contain an accumulation of weblets. A weblet is folder that contains a person control,it's styles,scripts,images etc.,
Pagelets should contain an accumulation of pagelets. A pagelet is really a folder that contains this content for that aspx page. If there's an aspx file named "aboutUs.aspx" then there's a corresponding pagelet named "aboutUs" which consists of aboutUs.html,it's styles,scripts and pictures. the aspx page should only include them here.This is very helpful in setting up Content management systems.
If there might be betterments please publish..:)

No industry standards as a result, but many designers I understand would separate things view you probably did.

i.e. - various kinds of content in various sites.

That's right there's no such industry standard with this. But for me i like the net Application Template from ASP.Internet 4.. It's a lot more like MVC Template however it remain very helpful when it comes to scalability.

ASP.Internet MVC is not only for database programs. Actually I recommend it's simpler to utilize than webforms following the small learning curve. The idea of convention over configuration can help you together with your question. There's a typical structure that MVC creates for you personally that actually works great and anybody that opens your MVC code will have the ability to understand where things are.