Everything is I've got a laptop which has a factory installed home windows vista home edition. I do not have vista installation Compact disc. Periodically I personally use laptops build in SW to revive laptops hard disk drive to factory condition. The reason being junk softwares screw up my laptop. Now, I plan to produce a virtual machine on my small laptop. And That I will install individuals junk (but should have) softwares in to the virtual machine. To ensure that I'm able to erased these easily by getting rid of the virtual machine completely. The procedure to revive Hard disk drive to factory condition takes very long time. My junk softwares need home windows to operate however i haven't any home windows distribution and don't wish to pay M$ for this. I heard vista has feature to produce virtual machines. Regrettably home edition doesn't appear to possess this feature. VMware player appears to want a guest OS to become installed.

Therefore, I'm requesting recommendations for a totally free VM software that can produce a VM using my native OS (vista). I simply require it to fool some malicious software residence. Any help could be appreciated!