First of all Among the finest to express I am no ASP developer, I am PHP through n through...

So my issue is this, out of the blue a customer site has began compelling for customers to become drenched in when viewing pages inside a sub directory, after i download the net.config file I can tell the authentication mode set to "Home windows" this could seem to be an problem however it was working until recently, and so i place it to None and submitted the file (there is not an internet.config within the sub directory, only the site root) also it is constantly on the prompt me for that login.

Can there be something I have to caused by "refresh" the server or something like that? I have looked with the hosting user interface and should not find anything about anonymous access or restarting the server, its on the hosting that is shared account and also the user interface is fairly substandard

Any assistance is greatly appreciated!! I am inside a stress and also the webhost do not have ASP support available

Thanks, Mark

Within the folder you want anonymous access, only use the net.config authorization section to permit anonymous customers:




      <allow customers="*"/>




The * basically means Everybody therefore it just stating that for that current directory, everybody is permitted access- you simply need this within the web.config...anything.

If you're still receiving prompts following this, then your folder itself should have permissions in the operating center level (NTFS permissions) that do not allow Anonymous access...Even though you the ASP support is not at hands, I presume you are able to raise help tickets together make it possible for this access?

I ought to include that this setting of authorization differs to setting an Authentication plan (Home windows Authentication, Forms Authentication etc). For instance, you may have Forms Authentication for the website but particularly want anonymous use of a folder (such as this situation) so setting your authentication option is not really relevant.