I wish to upload a music file to some database, but i'm not sure how. I have to upload the file to server after which upload it towards the database? Or I'm able to fit everything in simultaneously? And just how i'm able to get it done?

There's an abundance of lessons regarding how to do that. Here's a decent one. Essentially, what you are asking is how you can store personal files like a binary stream inside a database area.

However, @Saif al Harthi makes a good thing in the comment. It's generally considered bad practice to keep a binary file inside a relational database. Are you certain this is exactly what for you to do? Your server already includes a fairly efficient way of storing/locating files... the file system. Unless of course there is a compelling reason to keep the file within the database, it's often better practice to keep it around the file system and merely write a database record that references the file (path, maybe type, other application-specific data about this, etc.). The file's title could be transformed to, say, the main identifier for that database table to be able to easily reference together.

It's a bit more work, but it is just a little better for that server and utilizes a proven method for the best jobs. That's, obviously, unless of course you've got a compelling reason behind keeping a binary file inside a relational database. If there is a reason, please share it.