i've default.aspx and index.html. I submitted both towards the server, however i want my first page begin with index.html. What must i do?

You have to configure it within the qualities from the virtual directory hosting the ASP.Internet application. Put index.html before default.aspx

alt text

If you don't get access to IIS, and you're simply located on IIS 7 (Home windows Server 2008), you might want to put this to your web.config file:




            <clear / >

            <add value="index.html" />




Source: How you can give a default document with IIS7 web.config

You have to alter the order of default document list to create index.htm up, on IIS6 this located on the Documents tab of Qualities dialog on the website in IIS manager.

You have to set this up in IIS. Within the IIS manager, this is underneath the Documents tab.

inside your default.aspx page write this inside your code behind without having use of IIS.