I am not attempting to begin a "which language is much betterInch argument here, so do not visit.
I typically use PHP for many of my web design (mostly because hosting is affordable), however for various reasons I am searching to make use of ASP.Internet a couple of new projects. But one of the leading reasons I have remained from ASP.Internet until recently may be the cost. I have seen some budget hosting options, however they always appear just a little sketchy in my experience. From what I have generally found, that's just how a hosting scene searches for ASP.Internet unless of course you need to go devoted.

Does anybody have good recommendations for a good ASP.Internet host with a decent set of features and reliability for my money? Also, what are the options available like Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud? Company, I understand... Mono. I am speaking about Home windows based "power grid" hosting options?

Sometimes to have an ASP.Internet shared hoster and so i think I've got a reasonable understanding of the company of hosting.

No matter language or platform, you generally get that which you purchase. If you are searching for good uptime and good support then you definitely generally have to pay for a little more.

I am unsure that which you mean by 'sketchy' but you will find lots of value budget plans available (godaddy, webhost4life, discountasp, brinkster, et al) provided you are pleased with 2 to 3 nines uptime and support response occasions close to 6-8 working hrs. These are ideal for running non-mission critical sites like blogs or forums. If you are searching to perform a little bit of web commerce or intend to operate a site having a high amount of traffic you will want to pay for more for better resilience and support. This might mean a semi-devoted or fully devoted solution (virtual or physical).

Yes, it all sounds a little vague. However you will find a lot of budget plans available with short contracts (as well as money-back otherwise happy contracts) that there are no real harm or expense in trying a couple of before you feel you have the correct one that best suits you.

Regrettably, I cannot offer suggestions about a great plan to use, however, I'd stay well obvious of just one&1.

Regrettably, I cannot offer suggestions about a great plan to use, however, I'd stay well obvious of just one&1.

Cited for truth - 1&1 is really a MAJOR PITA to cancel - worse than America online.

I've not used them myself however i was asking an identical question of some buddies a couple of days ago and everyone stated good stuff about DiscountASP.Internet. And you will bring the price lower having a code from KBAlertz.


Another factor to consider when evaluating ASP.Internet website hosts (particularly with hosting that is shared) is exactly what trust level they run. The set up "trust level" signifies how "sandboxed" your code is and what all you are able and can't do inside the hosting evironment.

I have had great encounters with CrystalTech to date, both shared and devoted, we utilize them for our clients.

I am happy with DiscountASP.Internet. They have been my host for a long time.

If you won't want to spend lots of money and obtain a great deal, then Arvixe website hosting is a great choice.

I like Server Intellect http://world wide web.serverintellect.com/.

I made use of them for hosting that is shared for some time. I'd a few issues that wound up being my fault within the code, however when I known as I acquired a genuine person who understood exactly what the problem was. They troubleshooted it rapidly and assisted me repair it. Which is about the $15/month hosting that is shared. I lately upgraded to some devoted server with Server Intellect, and it is been great too.

I'd avoid 1&1 and Lunar Pages. I have attempted each of them, and also the support is not there. Moving a website from 1&1 is really a discomfort. I wound up getting some down time on the website due to their process. I additionally come with an account with Very Tech. They're good, but I have had a few short lower occasions on my small site. I'd recommend Server Intellect them over, but Very Tech is pretty good.