Are you able to suggest an asp.internet 3.5 hosting provider with continuous integration (cctray – nant develops) and source control facilities (svn)?

My requirement could be something similar to this:

  • I checkin to some svn branch (say trunk) about the hosting provider space.
  • CruiseControl.Internet about the server fires off a build.
  • I see success/failure on my small cctray.
  • On success my peers visit the website (say and find out changes

I'd also need to advise a VPS when i haven't yet visit a Hosting That Is Shared provider with compilers installed.

About the code repository side has free svn hosting and in addition they provide a method to start a build process by permitting you to definitely specify a Hyperlink to publish to whenever a check-in happens. This URL can start a script that pulls the most recent code and develops it. You'll find more particulars regarding how to set this up here.

Hosting that is shared companies does not have that. You'll most likely need to go with VPS, and maybe even Devoted if services are consuming an excessive amount of processor/ram.

To be sure with everybody here. For each custom demands, it might be cheaper to appear on the VPS / devoted server to do that which you request. You might find the thing you need, but in a expensive.