Disclaimer: I've looked at http://stackoverflow.com/questions/labeled/asp.internet+hosting and didn’t find anything quite similar in value to Dreamhost.

Among the greatest road blocks IMHO for developing web programs on asp.internet is the price of deployment. I'm not speaking about building sites like Stackoverflow.com or plentyoffish.com. This really is about sites which are larger than brochureware and more compact than ones that need devoted servers.

Allow me to provide you with a good example.

xmec.org is definitely an asp.internet site I maintain for my college alumni. With an average it’s slated hitting around 1000-1100 sights daily.
At the moment it’s located on godaddy. The services are so damn pathetic I'm utilizing it only due to the possible lack of options. The website doesn’t scale (no, it isn't the code) and also the web control sections are very slow. The cash I pay doesn’t justify the service or even the performance. Every deployment push is a vacation to the infuriating web user interface to create the permissions and also the root sites.

Had I developed it in python, this could have been used on Dreamhost.com with

  • $10/year hosting costs (they've offers running all through)
  • 50 GB space
  • 5 MySQL Databases
  • Spend / FTP Customers
  • POP / SMTP Access
  • Limitless Domain names hosting
  • Limitless Sub domain names hosting
  • Limitless Domain names
  • Submitted/Shown
  • Custom DNS
    (Fundamental essentials only ones I possibly could think about. More in the feature page)

Having a dream host spend, I actually have a svn checked-out version of wordpress for my blog. Now, that’s control!

To my question:
Can there be any asp.internet (ideally .internet 3.5. Dreamhost continues upgrading versions every week) webhost supplying remotely similar feature-sets and prices like Dreamhost.

My needs are:

  • Under $15-25/ year
  • Typical WISP minus PHP
  • .internet 3.5 SP1
  • Full Trust mode(I'm able to accept medium trust, otherwise for that IL giving off libraries)
  • Isolated Application Pool
  • 5 to 10 MySQL db’s
  • Limitless domain hosting
  • MsSql 2005 or 2008
  • FTP support
  • A Minimum Of 5 GB space
  • SMTP
  • IIS 7
  • Log files Ease of access
  • Moderately good user interface
  • Scripting, spend support
  • Nominal bandwidth

Another just to illustrate:

Lately I’ve been considering creating a tool-web site to find replicates and strange figures during my Google contacts and connect them.
With asp.internet, the good thing is will be able to do that with LINQ to XML in under 100 lines of code.
What’s bad may be the hosting part. I don’t think I are in position to make anything using this and for that reason can’t manage to host it on GoGrid or DiscountAsp.internet. Godaddy isn't a choice either.

Basically do that in python, I'm able to push for this my existing $10 Dreamhost account with another domain pointed. No expense. Svn released with scripts (capacity) to alter the bond string!

Searching in the problem naturally, I believe I represent a sizable variety of developers playing it cheap and experimentation various things regularly, one of these will end up the following twitter/digg.

reliablesite.internet is sort of reasonable within their needs while offering a lot of features. Haven’t seen any reviews or any comments regarding their support.

I have had great knowledge about Intermedia's located Exchange. I am speaking about "Enterprise Class" reliability. I'd trust their web-hosting is every bit reliable. As well as their "fundamental" hosting is at the cost range that you're speaking about.

http://world wide web.intermedia.internet/web-hosting/shared-web-hosting/home windows-2008/asp-hosting.asp

Happy hunting.