Most ASP.Internet hosts provide you with a single website in IIS. Then, they allow you to set subfolders as programs. What are the shared ASP.Internet 3.5 hosts that provide you multiple websites having a single account?

I've several low traffic websites that do not use much bandwidth.

WebHost4Life offers this, though there is a small charge per domain. ($15/year approximately). I am sure most hosts can perform this, but costs vary.

I personally use ReliableSite.internet for a number of low traffic internet sites. Their least expensive hosting that is shared plan offers limitless located domain names, limitless virtual sites, along with a very affordable quantity of bandwidth and storage.

No matter whom you choose, one of the things you need to search for is DotNetPanel because the user interface, which ReliableSite does. DotNetPanel provides an experience not far from while using IIS manager itself and exposes almost all of the choices. Additionally, it provides you with far better treatments for the file system structure.

One factor to understand with ReliableSite, and any hosting that is shared site I presume, is when your website will get a spike of traffic it might go offline far too easily. Some java bot was continuously moving among my sites and spiked the CPU usage within the preset limit. That being stated, ReliableSite upped the CPU limit for me personally after i described that which was happening.

I've found that for low bandwidth websites the lower finish packages at http://world wide You receive the charge of Remote Desktop and loading virtually anything you like beginning at $18. The only real problem I'd together was their support was a little slow, as well as their connection appeared reduced than most.

Then i switched to MaximumASP and among their VPS's. I love MaximumASP, their support was great as well as their servers are fast. The only real problem I've together is I can not use MySQL, they block it for performance reasons. (use referral id: CRAB-6573)

I've since switched to Mosso (http://world wide I really like Mosso. I do not obtain the full access via Remote Desktop which i get with my MaximumASP account (that we stil have for my Home windows Sharepoint Services sites, along with other sites where Remote access is needed.). But, Mosso is fast, has great support, and that i can run ASP.Internet, PHP, Ruby on Rails, and much more all inside the same domain, or I'm able to have multiple domain names (at no additional cost). The only real problem I've is I discovered that their description of MSSQL being incorporated was a little misleading. I had been shocked to locate that MSSQL would cost $5 month per database per 500MB of information. Appears a little steep. However, I personally use NHibernate in most my sites therefore it wasn't any large deal to transform to MySQL and so i went that route and haven't looked back. If you are looking at Mosso, provide them with my referral id and also you get $100 off your next month. REF-CODEMONKEY

One other good host is I discovered that they are core road so far as performance. However their support was great, and also the cost was right.

The main one host I'd avoid is 1& I made the stupid mistake of signing up my domain using their "FREE" offer. Then i discovered that I didn't possess the control I desired for file system privileges. I cancelled the account within thirty days and also got my money-back. However, my domain wound up about the auction block. I still haven't become the domain back. They keep having to pay for this. It had been an excellent domain (only 5 figures), but I must chalk up like a stupid mistake (that we understood better, I had been just being cheap).