Allow me to attempt to request this from the different position.

I observed that each time an aspx page will get made within the browser while using "siteInch model, a random set up will get produced 'on-the-fly' within the Temporary ASP.Internet files. Examining the set up in Reflector implies that the course produced for just about any given .aspx file is underneath the "ASP" namespace.

So, beginning having a empty "Temporary ASP.Internet Files" directory, I opened up my ASP.Internet "website" in VS2008, and released the default page. Immediately I observed that the random directory was produced within that folder. Working my way lower the road, I discovered 2 DLLs produced: Application_Code.1lywsqqz.dll, and Application_Web_iohekame.dll. I suppose that the .aspx pages within the website get put together into Application_Web dll and my way through Application_Code folder will get put together into Application_Code.dll.

Therefore if my Application_Code C#/VB.internet files they are under the "ASP" namespace, and my Application_Web files are produced underneath the "ASP" namespace, why I get a mistake "Couldn't load type 'ASP.NothwindDataContext'?

Somebody stated "you do not need namespaces within the Application_Code folder", however i attempted it without but still get "Couldn't load type 'NorthwindDataContext'".

So what's happening between your Application_Code folder, the relaxation from the site, and namespaces?

EDIT: Here's my LinqDataSource during my .aspx file:

<asp:LinqDataSource ID="LinqDataSource1" runat="server" 
	ContextTypeName="NothwindDataContext" EnableUpdate="True" 

Neither "NorthwindDataContext", nor "ASP.NorthwindDataContext" works.

Types in App_Code C# source files, as with every C# file, won't be include a specific namespace unless of course particularly declared by namespace Name {...} around it. So a category MyClass declared in App_Code may have the properly accredited type title MyClass. Exactly that.

You are able to reference it in Web.config as: "MyClass, App_Code".

Side note: When you're utilizing a DBML in App_Code, the namespace of produced courses are defined for the reason that file (consider the qualities window when DBML file is open). Should you specify a namespace for the reason that file, naturally, your classes is going to be defined for the reason that namespace. Observe that this doesn't contradict using what I stated above. The truth is, the LINQ data context generator processes the file and defines the classes within the specific namespace.