I am attempting to publish an asp.internet website on the remote server. When my code attempts to connect with the database, I recieve the mistake message referred to within the question title. Now, I have gone in to the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio for SSE 2008 and may begin to see the listing of logins. NT AUTHORITYNETWORK Services are there, but I am unsure what configurations I have to switch to allow this user to gain access to the database. I have attempted using impersonation during my web.config file while using home windows login qualifications for that server, but that simply raises exactly the same error message, with my home windows username rather than NETWORK SERVICE.

My connection string is the following:

connectionString="DatabasesEqualsMECHTRONICRNDSQLEXPRESSInitial Catalog='C:InetpubaspnettestApp_DataFLEETMANAGERDB.MDF'Integrated Security=True"

Any ideas?



Interesting replies. After searching at this tutorial, I discovered how you can allow customers use of a database. After I had permitted NETWORK SERVICE read accessibility database, this site labored fine using the original connection string.


Your connection string ought to be:

"Data Source=MECHTRONICRND\SQLEXPRESS;Initial Catalog=FLEETMANAGERDB;Integrated Security=True"

Also, this really is attempting to connect with the database because the account that's utilized by the net server. You can run the net service (configure IIS accordingly) like a domain user, after which produce a login and database user for your account. Otherwise, you'll have to produce a database user (in FleetManagerDB) for that Network Service account, which is not suggested. Or yourself if you're impersonating yourself.