Can you really have extension-less Web addresses (ASP.Internet MVC default) with hosting that is shared? I've come across several things to obtain GoDaddy working by such as the .aspx extension within the Global.asax routing, however I'm not going my Web addresses to incorporate .aspx.

Yes, I've got a couple sites which are presently located on GoDaddy shared w/ extensionless Web addresses in ASP.Internet. You have to enable IIS7 integrated pipeline mode while you can't access wildcard mappings or add ISAPI filters on the shared box. Once that's switched on, you are able to route incoming (extensionless) Web addresses to .aspx or other things with an HTTP Module or via URLRewriter.Internet or other things.

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It may sound like using IIS6 (or IIS5 even), meaning you will need to request these to do something about it towards the server configurations or install an ISAPI filter to obtain extensionless routing. I do not think that will happen, particularly with GoDaddy, which means you are best searching for somebody that offers IIS7 hosting.

Look at this.


This states how to get it done inside a located atmosphere.