Can you really load routes in the database with ASP.Internet ?

For each r as SomeRouteObject in RouteDataTable
  routes.MapRoute( _
        r.Name, _
        r.RouteUri, _
        r.RouteValues, _  //??
        r.Constraints _   //??

How must i keep routevalues / constraints? I realize that you will find several 'default' routevalues like .Controller and .Action, however likewise need entirely custom ones like .Id or .Page...

Save time before you jump

It's possible however is not achievable. They have provided route configuration to become static in Global.asax, because routes are usually static and stay for any very long time. When they don't, you will have Search engine optimization problems anyway. So I'd counsel you to first stop and really think if you actually need configurable routes.

But it is possible

But you can use DB without anyone's knowledge to possess your routes defined. Inside your situation you can store values as serialized string key/value pairs, because RouteValuesDictionary can accept key-value pairs too to give values in.

In case your route definitions stay when it comes to defaults/constraints, although not Web addresses, you can provide your personal interface and supply classes that implement it. Within this situation you can just store Web addresses and sophistication definitions (similar because they are defined in web.config) that comprise values for the route. By doing this it'll make it very easy to use complex object designs if you want them...