I've got a site along with a web service and I must host them somewhere. I have to utilize it mostly for testing and to ensure that a some buddies who're developing some programs to make use of the service get access to it. Also the services are utilizing a MS SQL 2008 database.

Would you suggest worthwhile free or cheap website hosting service with this. I'd need about 1-2 several weeks of hosting.

You can test:

http://world wide web.aspspider.com/

They support ASP.Internet and SQL server 2008. Also they don't publish advertisements in your pages.

"AspSpider offers free website hosting with ASP.Internet 4. and SQL Server 2005/2008 support. This is definitely an totally free offer from several .Internet developers for that peer technical community."




You can take a look at Station5.internet, I love them.

ReliableSite includes a shared special for $3/mo together with a free MS SQL 2008 database, most likely starting as low as it will get.

it is best to for this http://world wide web.tucktail.com/ .Here' found the hosting packages at cheap cost. You are able to choose them.