This can be a pretty vague question but I am battling a little to obtain my mind around what's involved with cloud hosting.

Say for example basically had an asp.internet web application using: - Webforms - linq to sql - an sql server database - Calling some exterior peaceful webservices

What will have to be achieved to host it on the cloud service?

Exist specific code changes that might be needed and do these have to be considered within the initial design?

Can sql server and linq to sql be utilized in this kind of setup?

What platform if any might be best suited?

in it's most fundamental form, Azure is simply a highly available web-hosting atmosphere - for those who have an ASP.Internet web application, you are able to deploy it to cloupapp.internet also it should work.

To give it a try, obtain a Vista/7 machine, download the Azure SDK and Versus Tools, and make up a new Azure application. You will find 2 primary parts at this time, the Cloud project, as well as an ASP.Internet Web Application. The ASP.Internet may have a "web-role" relationship using the Cloud project. This is because it may sound, it's the visual front-finish towards the Cloud application, that interacts with site visitors.

You are able to, at this time, just let it rest there - it is a normal ASP.Internet application with excellent hosting. Your SQL connection strings should work, though you might want to consider SQL Azure. You may also host WCF services.

As Manoj highlights, Azure comes with another programming model which you'll make use to create very robust programs. Azure also offers the idea of Worker Roles, which act like Handled Services, for the reason that they perform processing with no public interface. Rather, your internet-roles go ahead and take demands, put them around the Queues, and also the worker-roles then begin using them, process and send back reactions.

It is a very effective system, that we haven't fully investigated, but the good thing is that it's not necessary to be an instantaneous expert within the whole system, but could create simple ASP.Internet sites as web-roles, deploy individuals then expand after that.

Try it out, it's worthwhile


AppHarbor is really a .Internet Platform-as-a-Service. We are able to host your ASP.Internet websites pretty much not-modified and with no Visual Studio plug ins along with other crud that Home windows Azure requires.

Just mentioning a magazine that we feel provides the answer

Cloud Computing Book


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It is dependent on which kind of cloud hosting are you currently searching for. There's some cloud hosting that will just provide you with space for application data like Amazon . com. While Azure provides you with complete application framework which assists the application to become located in cloud. But programming in cloud differs programming paradigm compared to traditional web form. You'll have some limited classes from .Internet framework available but better assets for scalability.

You cannot directly use sql server in azure application. What you could use SqlAzure services.