I 'm developing an ASP MVC web project. Now i've got a requirement which forces me to deploy for an IIS7 inmiddle of development (to check on some features). I 'm obtaining the above pointed out error message whenever i attempt to type the Link to the site. (Note: development machine: Vista Home Premium, IIS7)

Things i did so far:

Edited the HOSTS file (C:WINDOWSsystem32driversetchosts).

Put two domain names inside it (127...1 domain1.com &lifier 127...1 domain2.com).

Produced a folder c:websitesdirOfApplication and used from inside Visual Studio 8 for this folder.

In IIS7 produced a brand new site with host title domain1.com and application folder the above mentioned.

Typing the address domain1.com in Internet browser leads to the above mentioned error (HTTP Error 403.14 - Forbidden - The Net server is set up not to list the items in ezinearticles.)

I believe i am missing something such as the understand what! Tryed to deploy the files System.Web.Mvc, System.Web.Abstraction &lifier System.Web.Routing wit exactly the same outcome. Whenever i attempt hitting F5 and run the applying it really works fine!

Thanks ahead of time

It's due to being to sure by what you (me) do!

On my small machine there's IIS 7 installed however the needed ASP.Internet component (User Interface->Programs->Turn On/Off->ASP.Internet) wasn't.

So setting up this reduced the problem

I fixed this by enabling Directory Browsing online

I'd exactly the same problem. This Microsoft support article fixed it for me personally.

Within the "Turn Home windows Features On or Off" dialog box from the Home windows User Interface "Programs and Features" application, perform the next steps:

  1. Visit the following node: Internet Information Services --> Internet Services --> Common HTTP Features
  2. Make certain the "HTTP Error Redirection" choice is selected.


  1. Visit the following node: Internet Information Services --> Internet Services --> Performance Features
  2. Make certain the "Static Content Compression" choice is selected. After either option continues to be selected, click "OK" in order to save changes.

Re-enabling either the HTTP Error Redirection module or even the Static Content Compression module guarantees that ASP.Internet and IIS properly synchronize HTTP pipeline occasions. This allows the URL routing module to process extensionsless Web addresses.