I'm a PHP Developer and that i have no understanding about ASP. Sadly I'm the only real developer here along with a client had ASP (not ASP.NET) pages plus they wanted a "E Mail UsInch Form.

I looked the web to discover how you can serve ASP files in Apache also it pointed me to mod_aspdotnet. It had been so stupid of me to consider that ASP is equivalent to ASP.NET! Now would you see my problem? I've created a working ASP.NET email script. The files had .aspx extensions however the actual site had .asp extensions, these were using ASP and never ASP.NET!

So I must request for help. This really is my email script:

<%@ Page Language="VB" Debug="true" %>
<%@Import Namespace="System.Web.Mail" %>
<script language="vb" runat="server">

Sub Send2Mail (sender as Object, e as EventArgs)

    Dim objMail as New MailMessage()

    if Logo.HasFile Then
            Logo.SaveAs(Server.MapPath("uploads/") + Request.form("strName") + "_Logo_" + Logo.FileName)
            objMail.Attachments.Add(new MailAttachment(Server.MapPath("uploads/" + Request.form("strName") + "_Logo_" + Logo.FileName)))
        Catch ex As Exception
            msg.Text = "<b>The Logo could not be uploaded</b>. The following error occured: <i>" + ex.Message + "</i><br />"
            msg.Visible = true
        end try
    end if  

    if Image1.HasFile Then
            Image1.SaveAs(Server.MapPath("uploads/") + Request.form("strName") + "_Image1_" + Image1.FileName)
            objMail.Attachments.Add(new MailAttachment(Server.MapPath("uploads/" + Request.form("strName") + "_Image1_" + Image1.FileName)))
        Catch ex As Exception
            msg.Text = "Image 1 could not be uploaded. The following error occured: <i>" + ex.Message + "</i><br />"
            msg.Visible = true
        end try
    end if  

    if Image2.HasFile Then
            Image2.SaveAs(Server.MapPath("uploads/") + Request.form("strName") + "_Image2_" + Image2.FileName)
            objMail.Attachments.Add(new MailAttachment(Server.MapPath("uploads/" + Request.form("strName") + "_Image2_" + Image2.FileName)))
        Catch ex As Exception
            msg.Text = "Image 2 could not be uploaded. The following error occured: <i>" + ex.Message + "</i><br />"
            msg.Visible = true
        end try
    end if

    objMail.To = "example@example.com"
    objMail.From = """Us"" <do-not-reply@foo.com>"

    objMail.BodyFormat = MailFormat.Html
    objMail.Priority = MailPriority.Normal
    objMail.Subject = "Business Registration"

    objMail.Body = "<html><body style='font-family: Verdana'><table style='font-family: Verdana; font-size: 11px'>"
    objMail.Body += "<tr><td><b>Business Name:</b></td><td>" + Request.form("strName") + "</td></tr>"
    objMail.Body += "<tr><td><b>Opening Business Description:</b></td><td>" + Request.form("strOpenDesc") + "</td></tr>"
    objMail.Body += "<tr><td><b>Opening Hours:</b></td><td>" + Request.form("strHours") + "</td></tr>"
    objMail.Body += "<tr><td><b>Business Description:</b></td><td>" + Request.form("strBusDesc") + "</td></tr>"
    objMail.Body += "<tr><td><b>Servicing Area:</b></td><td>" + Request.form("strService") + "</td></tr>"
    objMail.Body += "<tr><td><b>Website Address:</b></td><td>" + Request.form("strWebsite") + "</td></tr>"
    objMail.Body += "<tr><td><b>Email Address:</b></td><td>" + Request.form("strEmail") + "</td></tr>"
    objMail.Body += "<tr><td><b>Telephone Number:</b></td><td>" + Request.form("strPhone") + "</td></tr>"
    objMail.Body += "<tr><td><b>Fax Number:</b></td><td>" + Request.form("strFax") + "</td></tr>"
    objMail.Body += "<tr><td><b>Mobile Phone Number:</b></td><td>" + Request.form("strMobile") + "</td></tr>"
    objMail.Body += "<tr><td><b>Suburb / Post Code:</b></td><td>" + Request.form("strPostCode") + "</td></tr>"
    objMail.Body += "<tr><td><b>Proprietor Name:</b></td><td>" + Request.form("strPropName") + "</td></tr>"
    objMail.Body += "<tr><td><br /></td></tr>"
    objMail.Body += "<tr><td><b>Image 1 Caption:</b></td><td>" + Request.form("strImage1Caption") + "</td></tr>"
    objMail.Body += "<tr><td><b>Image 2 Caption:</b></td><td>" + Request.form("strImage2Caption") + "</td></tr>"
    objMail.Body += "</table><body></html>"

    SmtpMail.SmtpServer = "localhost"

        strMessage.Visible = true
    Catch ex As Exception
        msg.Text = "<b>The message was not sent</b>. The following error occured: <i>" + ex.Message + "</i><br />"
        msg.Visible = true
    End Try

End Sub

Will the work in ASP because it is? What should i change to really make it operate in ASP? I'm also while using <asp:></asp:> tags. Will the work in ASP?


I'm sorry for that confusion of the items server I'm using for development and also the host server. The host is applying IIS. I'm using Apache because I'm a real PHP developer. The issue about running ASP pages in Apache was since the client doesn't wish to produce use of their server. They explained which i must provide the files.