I am very disappointed relating to this... I personally use Assembla for my own projects(commercial) and today I must move everything to a different place!

You will find some questions regarding different free hosting... I removed a few of the sites that provides free hosting for projects:

http://world wide http://world wide

Knowing about others like assembla please publish it!

Cheers from Argentina!

I presently use Unfuddle and like it!

Another similar is http://world wide, however they just use Mercurial:
Exactly what does Bitbucket provide you with?

* A house for the Mercurial project(s)

* An easy, yet effective web interface

* Access control, multiple visitors and authors

* Push/pull over HTTP(s) and SSH

* Problem tracker

* Social aspect (following customers/repos, occasions, etc.)

* Supports OpenID

* and much more...

The free plan includes 150mb

At another question I designed a report on hosting websites. From these websites origo enables hosting commercial projects too: http://world wide

Origo is produced through the ETHZ, a highly-known college in Europe. Origo includes a clean UI, supports Wiki-sites, Forums, your blog and releases (no mailinglists). The problem-tracker is straightforward within the usage. As version-control can be used Subversion. Origo support software-and non-software-projects as well as Closed-Source-Projects.

I migrated to Unfuddle. I love it, speed appears in my experience much better than things i had at Assembla. But, Assembla ought to options:

  1. Assembla were built with a web-based interface for conveying/backuping (svnadmin dump) and posting a repository. It will help migrations also it enables me to backup every now and then the repository. With Unfuddle you need to request employees to get it done for you personally. For big databases are looking for a method to send them your dump apply for importation. Not quite simple.

  2. Accounts were "global" at Assembla. And therefore having a single account I possibly could focus on a number of other projects located under different accounts. Accounts are "local" at Unfuddle. Each project features its own listing of customers and qualifications.

I checked out OpenSvn however the website and Large Danger signal aren't inspiring. I attempted to spread out a merchant account but never received the confirmation email, so no luck there.

I believe DevjaVu might be a nice alternative, however i couldn't open a merchant account. It's under invitation only, so no luck there either.

I've got a friend which migrated from Assembla to Origo. He wants it. We checked their web interface and they've the net-based svnadmin dump available, but no web-based import. I can not say concerning the accounts "scope". Still, it's a student initiative, does it last? How safe may be the data?

I must accept endian, ultimately you always get that which you purchase. Should you choose commercial work don't use it a totally free server. Don't pick anything in which you can't get a databases from the site again just in case you progress them. Some hosters offer downloads from the whole repository. You are trying to become a professional entity then sell software in a commercial sense pay out the 20$ monthly (and there can be cheaper ones available) to obtain your repository located, and first and foremost ...

Don't whine whenever your free service would go to a having to pay model

I personally use Wush there is a 20$ per quarter plan