Do you know the best assets for Wordpress theme-development? I'm presently within the phase of beginning my very own blog, and don't wish to use one of the numerous free styles. I curently have a style for my website, so I wish to find out about best-practices.

Any advice regarding how to get began could be very welcome :)

I've now produced my theme (wohoo!), and thought I ought to summarize the very best assets I discovered. Allows see..



I believe that the easiest method to learn is to check out how others construct their styles. The first to begin the first is the Default Kubrick theme that's incorporated within the standard WordPress install. It's all the fundamentals and will highlight some advanced techniques like including sidebar icons. Next, with the paperwork on theme development (formerly pointed out by Mark), Blog Design and Layout and Using Styles, visit the Theme Directory around the site, download a few popular styles, and undergo them, searching for any template tags or techniques you don't understand. Once you do that, you ought to be a lot more than well-outfitted to create your personal theme on your own, or modify a current theme for your needs.

The Wordpress part may be the easy bit. That's essentially taking your static HTML pages then transforming these to PHP and placing the Wordpress tags to drag content in the database. Occasionally these tags come in a loop, e.g. for a listing of pages.

Probably the most difficult part may be the design. You need to identify the page types you would like (e.g. primary page, lists of posts, static pages, about) and make the particular templates with mockup text. Only if you are happy in the event you consider the Wordpress part.

Should you search with Google you will find lots of pages on creating your personal Wordpress theme or transforming HTML to some theme.

Here's the WordPress doc on Theme Development