I've just used my Rails Application right into a port. Now, I have to configure another application right into a sub domain. I just read that it's something related to the symbolic link, I understand symbolic links, however i just don't understand how it is related to the sub domain names. Help guide me :) Thanks!

Follow-up: I'am using Passenger on Apache, I'll deploy my application in GoDaddy.

  1. update domain's DNS A/AAAA record together with your subdomain or perform the wildcard matching
  2. update server_title of webserver host config
  3. setup deployment configuration
  4. deploy

If you would like used your Rails Application on Godaddy with sub domain, you'll need
1. Put Rails project on the folder.[with folder application, config, log, public, script,...]
2. Produce a symbolic connect to point sub folder public from the project.
3. Set another domain or sub domain indicate the symbolic link.
[So far, you will find they labored fine around the primary site, however it provides the 404 HTML Error when access sub domain]
4. Find project/public/.htaccess file in the sub directory, open it up and uncomment 'RewriteBase /'
5. You’ll find that it's working.